Comcast deals for existing customers internet

Deal: Comcast internet for $19.99/month for pre-existing

Chris: Based on your latest billing statement, you currently subscribe to Premier Double Play and XFINITY Voice Services.But not worth the extra we were paying for Digital Preferred.It took about 20 minutes to put together a new package with only a minimal amount of subterfuge and lying on my part (grin).Who are you to say that they can afford to charge less for the services.Marcien Jenckes, a Comcast executive vice president, said that greater transparency on pricing was something that its customers wanted and that Comcast was.Comcast was NO help to try and retain me and my service even with DirectTV on the other phone.

The individual reps that go door to door have better rates and can give you exactly what you want.

Just called to lower my bill and basically had to upgrade to lower it.I asked the specialist I spoke to today about this, and insinuated in my conversation that there was, perhaps, an enterprise level policy change.

I used your script to start the conversation, and was able to get my bill reduced by 25% while adding additional premium channels and getting a DVR.XFINITY Plans and Pricing Internet. in terms of availability to customers.Just called Comcast and went thru the phone tree to the discontinue service.

FWIW, FIOS is highly competitive in my area right now with a 2 yr contract.If not, we can create another forum strickly to tell others how much we hate that too.There are also network ready boxes that you can connect from the modem using a CAT5 or 6 cable and you can have all the channels, record as many shows even add external drives to increase the number of shows you watch.

It may sound cliche, but treat others as you would want to be treated and you will get better results.I told her I had checked and could only find deals for first time customers.Chris: I would recommend that you contact our Customer Care for them to assist you better in getting your bills lowered.

I liked HBO (especially on-demand,) but got saddled with Starz, which I came to enjoy.There are no contracts with Comcast unless you physically sign your name.I just called them today inorder to improve our rather slow internet and get rid of cable because we already have at and t for direct tv qnd the rep said the only thing that wouldnt double our bill for better internet would be to pay for phone and cable both of which we already have with different providers, doesnt make any sense why you cant get internet only for a cheaper price. Smh.Comcast hopes XFinity Mobile will lock in existing customers.

Do you have an alternative recommendation for triple-play ppl.Comcast is reliable all the time, and I always seem to come back.Heck, even that second-year rate is cheaper than what I was paying on the last contract.If it was not for my wife and her HGTV and Food Channels I would can the cable TV and stream everthing.The downside is that you have to cancel your old account and start a new one.Not a huge difference, but you gotta nip escalating costs in the bud, right.

Call us now to learn about XFINITY Internet deals for new customers.Now when I look online, Digital Starter is another TV package with 80 less channels.They said it would be fine for streaming Netflix HD but the blogosphere says otherwise.

Comcast offers deals to new switch-over customers | Reuters

I said I was leaving for Dish as the price has just gotten too high.

I accepted the offer and had the tech install the new dvr boxes.I think I should call the loyalty department early so I would not need to speak to customer service in every 6 months just to get a new promo rate.Comcast Deals and Promotions. XFINITY by Comcast is the largest cable internet.If you care so much about the service maybe you should consider paying for it instead of complaining about how your cable bill is so high.Has anyone been able to negotiate a better deal while still on contract.I was told by a recording that the wait is long about 15 mins, but instead, I got a customer rep on the phone after about a minute.It was very frustrating because the lady had an accent I could barely understand, but did figure out she was unable to help me.

Get Xfinity Internet & TV Bundles | Up to 260 Channels

I asked specifically if each individual item could be waived at all and they answer was no to all of them.Go online immediately after and open a new acct. from the website with the promotional deal offered.I appreciate the article, by the way, about getting your own cable modem.I scanned through some of the responses and it seems that this thread could benefit from some of my insight.So, what we need is government regulation to even the playing field.When I truly examine my viewing habits, I only use: on-demand, starz itself, and ion televison for reruns.I initially spoke with a rep in Mexico and then asked for my service to be discontinued.

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